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The Gateway to History


Mississippi’s Newest Scenic Byway, the "Gateway to History." Travel through beautiful Rural Historic Madison County.



Mississippi’s Newest Scenic Byway, the "Gateway to History". Travel through beautiful Rural Historic Madison County.



The vision statement for our Scenic Byway, "Gateway to History" is to preserve and enhance the intrinsic resources in this corridor, and to work together as a community to achieve this common goal. By doing this great work, we will ensure that the resources are protected for generations to come so they can enjoy the beauty and history we have worked so hard to preserve.



Find your Gateway to History by entering at this point. The Scenic Byway begins in Madison, Ms. 4 miles north on Highway 463 at the intersection of Reunion Parkway. Travel North on Highway 463 almost 5 miles to Highway 22. You can turn left on Highway 22 West to FLora to the end of the Byway at The Petrified Forest or turn right to travel to Canton. From Canton on Highway 43 South to the Natchez Trace. MDOT has signs at the Scenic Byway entry points.

March 12, 2013 - Scenic Byway Bill Signed by Governor


JACKSON - Gov. Phil Bryant signed into law a measure aimed at promoting Madison County's natural beauty and its history. Authored by Sen. Will Longwitz (R-Madison) and Sen. Kenny Wayne Jones (D-Canton), the bill contains innovative provisions to bring attention to the area.


"I'm very proud of Madison County's history, and this bill will help preserve and promote it," said Longwitz. "This was an example of Madison Countians working together for the good of the area we love."


The scenic byway program identifies and designates highway, road and street corridors as scenic byways in an attempt to preserve, enhance and protect the state's intrinsic resources for visitors and residents of the state.


This particular scenic byway is named the "Gateway to History," and covers 32.8 miles of existing road. The welcome center for the scenic byway is located in Canton and trailheads are placed between Flora and Canton for multi-use trails. In order to qualify for a Mississippi Scenic Byway, intrinsic resources must be located and identified throughout the routes, hence connecting the dots with all of the intrinsic resources on Highway 463 and 22.


"It is an extremely stringent process to be designated as a scenic byway," said Phyllis Doby, a leader of the group of preservationists who pushed the measure. "Our committee worked for over a year to make the case that our historic resources deserve this special designation. And, of course, we couldn't have done it without the support and cooperation of our Mayors, Representatives and Senators."


"When you look at this area as a whole, you know we have something special," said Jones. "Everybody will benefit from visitors coming to Canton and the rest of Madison County."


By Senator Will Longwitz

When you look at this area as a whole, you know we have something special..."

- Sen. Kenny Wayne Jones


Welcome to the Gatway to History's events and attractions along its historic scenic byway.



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